International Communities for Active Nonviolence, North America

Nonviolent Cities Project

It is possible to build a nonviolent society, even in the midst of growing Missioners-at-Restaurantviolence.

This is being demonstrated around the world today through the efforts of ICAN – International Communities for Active Nonviolence (Consejos Permanentes por la No-violencia Activa)* and the Nonviolent Cities Project.

Active Nonviolence Training

Interactive group training, with practical exercises outside the classroom, is the first step toward a Nonviolent City. Participants develop new nonviolent and cooperative relationships in their personal, work, and study environments. These relationships develop into networks, which interact and spread gradually throughout different institutions and environments in the city, evolving into a new model of a nonviolent community.
Root Cause of Violence

From the cradle, our culture teaches us violent values: “Me first,” cut-throat competition, success at any price. This attitude dissolves the bonds of friendship and caring, leading to fear and isolation. Superficial measures, including reward and punishment,do nothing to transform this situation.

Three-Level Change

Active Nonviolence works simultaneously on the personal, institutional, and social levels, enabling participants to:

  • Recognize the hidden violence in our lives (not only physical, but psychological, economic, racial, religious, etc.) and discover the root causes.
  • Get in touch with our shared longing for a world of peace and nonviolence.
  • Work together to build peaceful and nonviolent communities around us.


The Nonviolent Cities Project was developed over the last decade Missioners-at-Lake-Merrittin Buenos Aires. It has already brought comprehensive and lasting nonviolent change to a growing number of communities around the world. In 13 countries and 35 cities in the Americas, Europe, and Africa, the training has transformed people’s lives – in schools, city governments, neighborhoods, churches, professional associations, and even in prisons.

Active Nonviolence Training, San Francisco Bay Area

Available to a limited number of guests only for each session – please register if you’re interested, by contacting us here. The next course will be announced shortly.

For more information, contact Trudi Richards 530-757-7576,; Janet Shirley 415-497-8465,; or Kate Raymond, 510-421-3957,

*Course offered by International Communities for Active Nonviolence –, Spanish language website: Consejos Por la No-violencia –

The Active Nonviolence Course